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Today the custodians of finance are already time-poor, yet their role continues to
increase in both breadth and depth.​

The modern client’s hands are full…​

Advise Financial Advisory - Multi hands

Introducing Advize​

Advize provides a comprehensive independent financial markets advisory service
to large corporates, government and parastatals.

  • Our clients are the CEOs, CFOs, treasurers and finance managers of these organisations;
  • We ensure that they remain well-informed with real-time access to high‑quality, relevant information;
  • We deliver the relevant advice to support their financial management and strategic decision-making;
  • We optimise their financial market solutions through the provision of independent modelling, valuation, execution advisory and risk monitoring tools which also reduce both complexity and risk;
  • We provide them with an effective means to correctly evaluate whether financial markets products and solutions are appropriately matched to their needs, optimally structured and fairly priced;
  • We alleviate their time pressures, provide them with peace of mind and extend their existing financial markets capabilities through our co-sourcing concept.​

A paradigm shift in the investment banking space​

Co-sourcing for excellence…

Clients must decide whether to create these specialist capabilities in-house,
outsource them or co-source them (a combination of the previous two options).

We recommend the co-sourcing solution because:

  • It is extremely cost effective;
  • It enables each client to focus on their core business by means of a more focused in-house team whilst simultaneously outsourcing any non-core functions;
  • It provides access to technical expertise that is high quality, contractually specified, scalable, cutting edge and not easily attainable;
  • It is an effective tool to manage capacity;
  • It is a potent way to manage risk;
  • It enhances the capacity for innovation.

However, it is critical that the service provider is independent, has aligned interests and possesses the requisite specialised skills.​

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